Employment History
Durham, NC
Senior Developer
  • Enhanced a PHP / Apigility REST API service that acts as an integration bridge between the company’s external and internal facing web applications
  • Supported ETL processes for migrating legacy data to a new database
  • Enhanced the internal operator’s work queue screens, significantly improving query performance and streamlining internal operator work assignment
  • Worked with an internal tools team to in-house support for the integration test framework developed by a third party
  • Implemented continuous-integration processes in Jenkins for the company’s core web applications

Technical Skills: PHP, AWS, Zend Framework, Slim, HTML / CSS / Javascript, Apigility, Beanstalk, Jenkins, PHPUnit, Selenium, Browserstack, Elasticsearch, DDD

Singing Dog Solutions
Cary, NC
President | Architect
  • Design and develop custom desktop, web service and web applications for clients using Symfony and Java FX
  • Implement production reporting for client systems
  • Provide database and system administration services for client’s AWS infrastructure

Technical Skills: PHP, Symfony, Java | JavaFX | Spring, HTML / CSS / Javascript, JUnit, Selenium, AWS, Linux, Apache, Jenkins

American Kennel Club
Raleigh, NC
Principal Software Engineer / Architect

Responsible for the technical, project and administrative management of a team of in house developers as well interfacing with and providing architectural and requirements guidance to off-site development teams. Provided enterprise-wide architectural guidance, define technical standards for on-site developers and define and manage the continuous integration and deployment processes and platforms for ISD.

  • Led a team of senior and lead developers in the planning for two major architectural shifts in support of a long-term project to modernize the AKC’s application ecosystem. Provided technical oversight of a project to convert the competition management system from a mostly client-server application written in PowerBuilder, ColdFusion and PL/SQL over to a multi-tier system built using Spring, Hibernate, CanJS, MongoDB and Oracle.
  • Designed and developed a custom API management and security framework for the AKC’s new “ARF” service platform. ARF are a mix of REST and SOAP web-services secured with Oauth2. These services are used by internal applications and third-parties that need to integrate with our core business processes.
  • Designed and supervised the modernization of the AKC’s Online Dog Registration framework. This project migrated an existing ColdFusion and PL/SQL application over to Spring, Hibernate and Spring Web Flow. This conversion provided the foundation for the same team to implement follow on projects which enabled the application to accept additional registration types, integrate with a real-time credit card offer process and to support marketing efforts by allowing special offers and to allow real-time product configuration so that additional products could be sold in line with a dog registration.
  • Designed the application and led a team of developers to implement the AKC GoodDog Helpline phone based dog training system. This effort involved working with internal and external marketing and product teams to define the program and build the web application to accept enrollments. Additional work was later done to support reporting and metrics gathering as well as to move the call tracking system to Zendesk, a cloud based help desk system.
  • Designed and implemented a Symfony2 based replacement for ISD’s internal support platform.
    Led a team in the implementation of a project to build a Symfony2 web application to allow AKC customers to apply for AKC branded credit cards.

Technical Skills: Java, Hibernate, Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Web Flow, Camel, Mule, ActiveMQ, OAuth, REST, SOAP, PHP, Symfony2, Doctrine, MongoDB, Oracle, Redis, Varnish

Lead Software Engineer
  • Responsibilities included providing day-to-day technical leadership to cross-functional teams of developers on larger AKC projects as well as designing the software needed for those projects. Provided supervision and mentorship for junior team members.
  • Working with stakeholders, designed the AKC’s Online Entry system and led a mid-sized team in its construction. OLE allows competitors to register for agility events and allows trial secretaries to manage those events on the AKC website or via their own software integrated with AKC web-services.
  • Led a team in the design and implementation of an integration platform that allows third parties to submit registration information to the AKC via SOAP web-services; also supported the development of a companion website that acted as a front-end to those services for parties that did not have their own software platform for collecting the required information.
  • Designed a custom document generation, storage and retrieval framework for use by AKC web applications, specifically the AKC’s global services program. Documents were generated using data from the AKC’s database and rendered as PDF’s, Excel spreadsheets, XML files or CSVs using a mix of custom code, iText and JasperReports. The framework was implemented using a mix of EJBs and PL/SQL

Technical Skills: Java, PL/SQL, JBoss, iText, JasperReports, SOAP Web-services / AXIS, SOAP UI

Senior Software Engineer
  • Working with the AKC’s internal consulting group, implemented new products for AKC customers, including litter pedigrees and puppy folders
  • Supported and enhanced the AKC’s PL/SQL based correspondence framework; correspondence could be email delivered using either SMTP or Strongmail, or printed letters processed by an OPUS driven in-house print center
  • Led a team that implemented a new registration status called “Conditional Registration” that touched all areas of the AKC’s application suite, including registration, DNA, and Event results processing as well as the AKC’s website and online store
  • Implemented a custom PHP web application framework that allowed ISD to write small portlet applications for use in internal customer support

Technical Skills: PL/SQL, PHP, Perl

Global Energy Decisions, Inc. / ABB Wholesale Energy
Raleigh, NC
Senior Software Engineer
  • Provided customer support and application maintenance for the gimsplus energy information system
  • Built data migration tools using Castor, Hibernate and Jetty to facilitate transfer of base data from one customer instance to another
  • Developed training materials for gimsplus application administration and supported customers in preparation for the opening of the Midwest ISO power market
  • Provided onsite system administration of Windows 2000 and Solaris database servers, responsible for interfacing with the primary IT department based in Sacramento, CA

Technical Skills: Java, PL/SQL, Oracle, Castor, Hibernate, Solaris, Windows Server

Senior Software Engineer
  • Designed and implemented a cross-platform communication tier for data transmission and application integration; this system was developed using Java, Oracle and several open source libraries
  • Developed PL/SQL components for the management of bids, awards, bilateral contracts, market pricing, demand forecasts, fuel costing and outage schedules; application database contained 1600+ tables and 1200 packages
  • Added an enhanced messaging sub-system to the gimsplus application utilizing XML messages transmitted over Oracle advanced queues
  • Designed an XML schema to provide user IT departments with an API for interacting with gimsplus data
    Improved time-to-market by replacing custom developed SAX based XML parsing routines with XML bound Java classes and ORM persistence model
  • Supporting gimsplus customers and project engineers during the ERCOT and Midwest ISO market trials, parallel operations and market qualification trials
  • Constructed market emulation software for local system verification using Apache, Tomcat, Castor/Hibernate and MySQL.

Technical Skills: PL/SQL, Java, Hibernate, Castor, XML, Tomcat

MCI Worldcom
Cary, NC
  • Supported Oracle databases for 24×7 production operations and department development databases
  • Responsible for database table design, storage sizing, data archiving as well as system backup and recovery

Technical Skills: PL/SQL, Oracle, Unix Scripting

  • Designed and developed enhancements to the Fiber Location and Processing System (FLPS); FLPS was a client-server ticket processing solution with a Visual Basic front end built against an Oracle database
  • Redesigned the automated text parsing application to allow 1st level support personnel to build parsing scripts written in VBA; prior versions required a developer to code for every possible template input
  • Worked with vendors to improve the accuracy of the address resolution and the storage of mapping data
  • Wrote design documents, test plans and user guides for the FLPS system

Technical Skills: Visual Basic, Visual Source Safe, PL/SQL, Oracle